Newly Diagnosed

I remember the day my son, Joey, was diagnosed with pervasive development disorder.  I felt as if someone close to me had passed.  Numb —heavy hearted—motionless.  My husband— saddened over the prospect that Joey might never speak—was incapacitated with grief.  The next day, I visited my mom to bring her the overwhelming news.  Having raised six children, mom often offered wisdom that only an experienced mother could lend, “If Joey was diagnosed with a childhood cancer what would you do?”

Without hesitation I responded, “I’d go to the best doctors I could find to help save him and I wouldn’t stop until I did everything possible to help him.”

She smiled and said, “Then what are you doing here?  You’ve no time to waste!”

Autism is not a conviction, or a life sentence, rather, an opportunity to grow as a parent and watch your child flourish.   Take a deep breath. We are here to help you make sense of what you have just learned about your child and to let you know, “You can handle this.”

There is no room for blame, fault and finger pointing here.  It will waste valuable energy that you need to help your child succeed.  Rather than research the why’s of autism, focus your energies on how to move forward to the positive outcome you and your child deserve.

Join me for a complimentary discovery workshop–”Step Ahead of Autism.”

In this valuable, free seminar, I will share new understanding and tools for dealing with your child and the many challenges you face.  Family, schools, work…so many responsibilities, so much to do.

Join me and other parents, grandparents and teachers in exploring the latest approaches for recognizing and Alleviating Autism.

Take this step today to improve your child’s tomorrow.