Get the information and support you need to help your child.

The mission of Alleviate Autism is to provide parents with information and guidance to recognize, embrace and defeat autism, while reaffirming the fact that the best possible treatment for any autism spectrum disorder (ASD) occurs with early diagnosis and intervention––actions that must become the primary goals of every parent, pediatrician, educator, and caregiver.

Why Early Diagnosis and Intervention?

Studies show that:

  • About one third of parents of children with ASD noticed a problem before their child’s first birthday.
  • 80% saw problems by 24 months.
  • A diagnosis of autism at age two can be reliable, valid, and stable.
  • Yet the median age of earliest ASD diagnosis is between 4.5 and 5.5 years.

Despite evidence that ASDs can often be identified at around 18 months; most children do not receive final diagnoses until much older.  The main reason is because parents are in denial, overwhelmed, unsupported by their pediatricians—feeling powerless, helpless and confused.

Alleviate Autism is committed to change these statistics by supporting parents’ need to be validated, empowered and guided to make the right choices for treatment for their autistic, or potentially autistic, children.