Concerned About your Child’s Behavior?

Have you noticed possible symptoms of autism in your child? Perhaps you have researched the signs of autism and are aware of the red flags provided by the National Autism Society of America.

Perhaps you mentioned these red flags to your pediatrician during your child’s last visit and she/he noted them in the file but made no determination.  Do not leave the diagnosis solely in your pediatrician’s hand.  Your pediatrician spends maybe 10-20 minutes with your child every 3-6 months during the years 1-3.

Observe your child, note your observations and provide a complete report for your pediatrician to help her make a decision.  The report should include the behaviors you observed, with dates and time of day.  Provide the context around the behaviors:

* Was your child tired, hungry, playing, napping or riding in the car with you?
* Were there other people involved and did they too observe the behavior(s)?

The biggest injustice you can do for yourself and your child is to deny these behaviors exist.

Despite evidence that ASDs can often be identified at around 18 months, why do most children do not receive final diagnoses until they are much older?  Parents are in denial, overwhelmed, unsupported by their pediatricians—feeling powerless, helpless, and confused.

Currently, there is no medical test for autism, but there is a list of signs and symptoms for children 0-18 months. At six weeks I knew my son was in the autism spectrum and at age 2 he was diagnosed with pervasive development disorder.

Be proactive. Join us for a complimentary discovery workshop—”Step Ahead of Autism”. In this valuable, free seminar, I will share new understanding and tools for dissecting your child’s behavior and taking ownership for his/her outcome.  Take this step today to improve your child’s tomorrow.

Join me and other parents, grandparents and teachers in exploring the latest approaches for recognizing and Alleviating Autism.