An Interview with Elizabeth Jackson

Elizabeth and I first connected on Twitter, then via email, and quickly realized the similarities in our personal journeys. I’m excited to share my recent conversation with Elizabeth.  I’m confident her intimate words relative to raising her son Stone will touch your hearts and resonate home as they did with me.        Anne:          How […] Read more »

Awareness Overload – The Real Epidemic

Friday evening I walked up to a neighbor’s house for a cup of cheer.  Laura, my neighbor, poured the drinks while her husband, John, talked of his weeklong business trip. John, a physicist, and eighty-years-young, had designed and sold a piece of his equipment to a corporation in Pennsylvania, and had driven out there to […] Read more »

Studying Up on Back-to-School Tips Part IV

In my last post I talked about obtaining an “outside” diagnosis as opposed to only relying on the school’s screening.  Before I go on to talk about your child’s needs assessment, let’s look at the definitions of screening, diagnosis and needs assessment. Screening – A developmental screening is a procedure designed to identify children for […] Read more »

Studying Up on Back-to-School Tips Part III

In my last entry, I mentioned I was going to talk about obtaining a thorough needs assessment for your child.  But I want to back up and address another important topic first—diagnosis.   You read it, hear it, see it somewhere every day—the earlier a child is diagnosed with autism the better his or her outcome.  […] Read more »

Studying Up on Back-to-School Tips Part II

Some schools aren’t equipped with a sensory room.  My son Joey’s elementary school was one of them.  A sensory diet  had been determined for Joey at his needs assessment appointment* when he first entered into the school system, but it only addressed Joey’s need to take breaks during the day to regroup, it didn’t determine […] Read more »

Studying Up on Back-to-School Tips

Mid-August hits and the back-to-school commercials begin. For many parents with autistic children, back-to-school can be a nerve-racking time, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little planning and creativity, it can be an exciting time for all. The following are tips to help ease the stress and assist your child in transitioning back […] Read more »

A “Defining” Moment

I am a huge proponent of embracing your child’s diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder.  I know first-hand the diagnosis will reap your child the services he or she will need—but where does the label end and the child begin? The 7-year old boy in this story is truly a hero in that he saved […] Read more »

To the Right

My mom died a year ago.  My brothers and sisters and I were fortunate in that she was a Betty Crocker mom.  Everyday there would be a home baked treat warm out of the oven, my mom in her apron to greet us.  As I went on to have my own family, my mom, or […] Read more »

The Common Denominator

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, one of my favorite days of the year. Easter—like autism—means different things to many people: different religious beliefs, traditions, customs, and rituals. This month being National Autism Awareness Month, we’ve celebrated the differences of autism more than any other month of the year. Celebrating the differences has been eye-opening and educational […] Read more »

Thin Ice

Missy boasted warm chestnut eyes and wore a coat of thick black fur adorned with strategically placed auburn markings like a Picasso painting. Part German Sheppard and part gray wolf, her strut commanded attention and her demeanor—regale and humble—intertwined. Though feared by most, we were best friends, confidants. She was my safety net, my body […] Read more »