Identifying the Symptoms: Is My Child Gifted or Autistic?

I hear a lot of stories out there from parents whose children were initially diagnosed as being gifted only to discover years later that their other symptoms related to obsessive-compulsive or social behaviors weren’t just quirks, they were symptoms of something else entirely. Until recently autism spectrum disorder or ASD wasn’t as readily screened and diagnosed as […] Read more »

Floortime Therapy: Does It Really Work?

Floortime is the common term used to describe the Developmental, Individual-differences, Relationship-based (DIR) model used by psychiatrist Dr. Stanley Greenspan in an attempt to provide a unique therapy experience for children diagnosed with a wide array of developmental issues, delays and conditions. ‘Floortime’  describes the method used by parents or caregivers to reach out to […] Read more »

A Fresh Perspective!

Fresh perspective…best advice to date! By  Mark Cushing –   This review is from: Step Ahead of Autism: What You Can Do to Ensure the Best Possible Outcome for Your Child (Paperback) I was curious to read this book because I’m a stay-at-home dad with an autistic 5 year old son and twins that are 3 […] Read more »

Wow…I’m back!

First, let me apologize for not sending out my bi-weekly newsletter for quite some time in addition to not being consistent with my blog posts and tweets! So much has happened over the past six months…My son, Joey graduated from Brown University this past Memorial Day weekend.  He also secured a position at Columbia University […] Read more »


To watch somebody attentively Joey didn’t sleep He didn’t like being awake He fended off our touch He had a poor appetite He was highly sensitive to smells All these symptoms stood out to me right from the beginning, but they were not enough for Joey’s doctors to realize that he has autism. Medical professionals […] Read more »


Hopeful reliance on what will happen in the future. The trusting process can help with many aspects of life. For me, not only was it a step I needed to master when raising my son Joey, but it was also something I needed to do during the adoption process. My belief that I would one […] Read more »

Six days and counting…

Next Sunday, Joey will graduate from Brown University.  In celebration, I want to share my favorite moments, pictures, and blog posts.  The post below, Will He Ever?, offers the questions we as parents of autistic children ask ourselves at one time or another. I learned early on to put my energies in finding the answers […] Read more »

Necessary reading for passionate, involved parents of autistic children

A Candid Review of Step Ahead of Autism submitted by Carol Bahm Step Ahead of Autism comes highly recommended, and not just by me. The noted pediatrician, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, says this book can be inspiring and empowering for parents of children with autism. I agree: it’s useful both as an interesting story and […] Read more »

Time Management

This week marks the beginning of the 2012 National Autism Awareness Month. Awareness month has been celebrated in the month of April for over 30 years. As a parent of a child with autism, I am so thankful to Autism Society, Autism Speaks, and all the organizations and individuals who have used the month of […] Read more »

Spirit of the Season

There may be a moment or two over the next week, month, or even year where you will question what you are doing for your child.  You may be disheartened by other people’s comments, actions, or reactions as they relate to your child.  You may experience doubt and feel at times you are designing a […] Read more »