Be Proactive

It is time to chart your course.  You have found our website, so your journey is headed in the right direction.  However, there are two things you need to take along with you to help make yours and your child’s journey a successful one, aspiration and determination.

ASPIRATION: A desire or ambition to achieve something

Start by choosing one thing you wish to help your child achieve—don’t set a goal that is in the air. Your goal must be measurable. You need to constantly check how near you are to your goal and celebrate those benchmarks with your child and others.

DETERMINATION: A firmness of purpose, will, and intention

Visualization is a major key area in determination. Although it is not taught anywhere in our school class, law of attraction is well-known for the ones who study success. The law of attraction is as true as the law of gravity by Newton. It says “whatever you believe to happen in your mind will attract the circumstances and attributes you need to have in order to get it.” Unfortunately, the law has been kept for only a small group of elite people. Make use of the law. Believe with your whole-heart that your child can realize a positive outcome and have a positive future.

Success starts within our mind. We need to believe in what we are doing and where we are heading. We then need a plan for our action taking.