Anne’s Story

My son, at the age of two-years-old, was diagnosed on the autism spectrum—at the severe end. At three-years-old he didn’t speak and only screeched and squealed to get his needs met. Today, he is a senior at Brown University. Not through a miracle cure, but through a 10-step system I developed to “beat” the diagnosis of autism—a system I’ve shared with other parents and educators over the past ten years. I call my system Step Ahead of Autism™.

Step Ahead of Autism™ is the solution to ensure early diagnosis and intervention are the primary goals of every parent, pediatrician, educator, and caregiver and provides parents with a guide enabling them to recognize, embrace, and defeat autism. Sixteen years ago, I was you….standing in a bookstore, looking on the internet, perusing the library, desperately seeking some scrap of information to help me understand what was going on with my child.

While some choose to wallow in “why me’s”, denial, and anger, I choose to accept, adapt, and advocate. I choose to turn the denial into determination, the anger into energy, and the “why me’s” into “watch me”, and I can show you how to do the same. Sign up for my next free teleseminar today.