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Why Alleviate Autism?

Anne Burnett - Autism Coach

Fifteen years ago, I was you….standing in a bookstore, looking on the internet, perusing the library, desperately seeking some scrap of information to help me understand what was going on with my child. My son, Joey, had been diagnosed at the age of two as having severe pervasive development disorder, a neurological disorder in the autism spectrum.

Joey had no form of speech except for frustrated high pitched squeals. He flapped his arms, swung in his chair for hours, slept and ate poorly, didn’t like to snuggle, and easily startled. He was tactile defensive, obsessed about certain items of toys, hated candles, car breaks, sand, smells, noise, being touched, and the list went on. Today, Joey is entering his junior year at Brown University and he was valedictorian of his high school senior class. He is a bright, happy, socially and emotionally adjusted young man with friends and peers alike.

While some choose to wallow in why me’s, denial, and anger, I choose to accept, adapt, and advocate. I choose to turn the denial into determination, the anger into energy, and the why me’s? into watch me, and alleviateautism.com will show you how to do the same.

Alleviateautism.com provides you with the tools and guidance you will need to be proactive with your child’s educators, doctors, family members, friends and every other area of your child’s life. Every week we add new information: from how to prepare your dentist for your child’s visit to how to work collaboratively with your child’s educator to ensure a successful school year. It is all here, written and provided by parents who have successfully raised their autistic child and provided a positive outcome. We have faced the same challenges as you and came out with flying colors.