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Fresh perspective…best advice to date!

Mark Cushing –  
This review is from: Step Ahead of Autism: What You Can Do to Ensure the Best Possible Outcome for Your Child (Paperback)

I was curious to read this book because I’m a stay-at-home dad with an autistic 5 year old son and twins that are 3 years-old. I belong to a support group and 90% of the moms have read this book and have raved about it. I wanted to read it myself, from a dad’s perspective.

After reading the first chapter I wanted to spend the next three months blogging about how finally someone understood what I was going through. It is like the author was walking in my shoes. Everything she says, I’m living. Her advice is spot-on.

And unlike the previous review- I have no expectations that my son will follow in the author’s son’s footsteps and go to Brown University. But the author doesn’t promote that kind of success at all. She teaches parents to take baby steps and continually define and celebrate their child’s successes.

I can’t begin to write about everything I loved about this book. I can’t wait to meet the author in person, hear her speak and take one of her classes. Anne Moore Burnett has the answer the autism community has been waiting for.

I am going to recommend this book to everyone and in every way I can. Bravo!!

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