To watch somebody attentively

Joey didn’t sleep

He didn’t like being awake

He fended off our touch

He had a poor appetite

He was highly sensitive to smells

All these symptoms stood out to me right from the beginning, but they were not enough for Joey’s doctors to realize that he has autism.

Medical professionals are eager to help, but a brief doctor’s visit does not provide enough time for even a specialist to properly observe and diagnose your child. That is why it is vital that you arrive with a list that mentions all of your concerns, be very specific! Ask questions!

Any given observation could be the key to unlocking your child’s best potential!

In Chapter 2 of Step Ahead of Autism I provide tips and exercises that help you make the most of the “observe” step, including specific formats to use while recording your child’s behavior to help get him or her the best medical treatment possible .

Step Ahead of Autism is the first book on autism to offer step-by-step, attainable, parent-tested exercises, techniques, and tips; important attributes every parent can develop and nurture in themselves; the knowledge and confidence necessary to meet the challenges of raising an autistic child; a strong argument for making early diagnosis and intervention the primary goals of every parent, pediatrician, educator, and caregiver. Click here for more information about the book!

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