Hopeful reliance on what will happen in the future.

The trusting process can help with many aspects of life. For me, not only was it a step I needed to master when raising my son Joey, but it was also something I needed to do during the adoption process. My belief that I would one day become a mother, led me to make a phone call to the adoption agency that I would never forget, the call that I received the news that I was the mother of a baby boy.

When raising a child with autism, you have to trust in your ability to make decisions. All parents must do this to help their children, but when a child is autistic they will be less able to contribute to the decision making process, making the process that much more difficult. Believe in your intuition and through nurturing it, it will become your most powerful tool as parent, and will give you the confidence you need when making these important decisions.

All parents possess intuitive abilities, in chapter 1 of Step Ahead of Autism I provide tips and exercises to help guide you towards finding and using them. I hope you will purchase the book and begin the process of becoming the parent that your child needs to realize their greatest potential.

Step Ahead of Autism is the first book on autism to offer step-by-step, attainable, parent-tested exercises, techniques, and tips; important attributes every parent can develop and nurture in themselves; the knowledge and confidence necessary to meet the challenges of raising an autistic child; a strong argument for making early diagnosis and intervention the primary goals of every parent, pediatrician, educator, and caregiver. Click here for more information about the book!

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