Our Aspirations Are Our Possibilities

“Our aspirations are our possibilities
  -Samuel Johnson

Recently, my book coach and editor, Lisa Tener, held a book launch party celebrating the release of my book, Step Ahead of Autism.  Good friends, fellow colleagues, and new connections attended the luncheon.

When I arrived, hugs and hellos greeted me at the door.  Once settled, I shared the motivation behind my book, and my aspirations for the book’s success.    My short presentation led to a casual procession around the dining room table where overstuffed sandwiches, crisp green salads, gourmet soups and champagne glasses—half filled with bubbly cheer—were waiting for our arrival.

In the center of the table was a large cake—my book cover the frosting decor covering the top.   My friend and classmate, Martha, had sent the book cover digitally to the bakery to have them emboss it on the cake.  It was beautiful and I was deeply moved.

As I cut the first piece of cake, everyone raised their glasses and made a toast to me, my book and to all the parents I will help by sharing my story.   It was an exhilarating afternoon, one I hated to see end.  Leaving, Martha insisted I take the remaining cake home—book cover still intact—insisting I could freeze it and serve it to my family at another time.

Driving home, I thought about how blessed I was to have such inspiring friends and peers—to share our beginnings and middles and pick up right where we left off as if minutes had separated us from our last conversation—an amenity reserved for the closest connections.

I imagined how I’d serve up the fabulous cake Martha designed. Should I freeze it and bring it out at Thanksgiving?  Should I wait for Christmas or perhaps New Year’s and toast to all the possibilities in 2012?

In orchestrating the unveiling of the celebratory cake in my head, I immediately began placing expectations upon the outcome of its debut—imagining my family’s reaction to seeing my book cover as a sugary blanket of frosting.  I day dreamed of ringing in the New Year with Joey and Mattie, licking our forks and clanging our glasses. Just then my thoughts came to a screeching halt when the Toyota Corolla in front of me suddenly stopped short in the middle of the highway, for no apparent reason.

I slammed on the brakes and swerved my car in an attempt to miss the Corolla and the other cars around me.  An accident avoided.  However, in the commotion I failed to recognize that the cake had taken flight and landed sideways on the floor in my back seat.  I looked back to see the plastic cake cover wide open, frosting everywhere and the beautiful book cover-smeared.  My heart sank.

Frustrated and sad I got off the highway and pulled into a Ramada Inn parking lot.  I got out of the car, climbed in the back seat and attempted to re-assemble the cake.  Wet faced, frosting on my hands and in my hair, I feared this was a sign of the inevitable plight of my book—and then it hit me.  The cake was just a cake—what got crushed in the back seat were my expectations.

My aspirations of taking a writing class taught by a motivational book coach with classmates that would inspire and befriend me taking my writing to a level that would birth and publish my book which we would celebrate along with our new found friendships, came true… and a beautiful cake was served.

Our aspirations are our possibilities…and all is possible if you believe.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Jill Kravitz says:

    Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt personal story. Like you, I have a child(my beautiful almost 3 year old daughter Zoey) was diagnosed last year with autism. I have her in full time therapy where she goes everyday to receive aba, speech and ot help. We are seeing great changes and most recently she is not try to say and repeat sounds. It’s amazing.
    My page Autism-bridge is dedicated to Zoey and anyone who supports this cause. I have also begun writing ideas and eventually would like to publish a book. I also have other ideas, which is exciting and very therapeutic.

    I had signed up for the workshop but was not sure if you received my info as no email came back on how I should log on. I had also sent you a message on facebook.

    Happy holidays,

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