Blues Clueless

The pediatrician’s office Joey was seen at from the time of his birth until he turned sixteen, housed three pediatricians and three nurses. Sue was one of those nurses. Sue was the one that held my hand and held me up when Joey was first diagnosed with pervasive development disorder (PDD.) She was the one that made the initial appointments at Boston Children’s Hospital and the one that would listen to my concerns after the appointment. The doctors saw Joey, Sue saw me.

Joey, now twenty, Sue and I are not in regular contact. Today, however, I received an email from Sue and I wanted to share the following quotation from her email:

As we see more and more kids diagnosed and see how hard it is for parents to wait so long for appointments and answers—not knowing where to start—it is nice to see parents like you writing books or starting support groups, and raising awareness to help others.

I purchased my blue light bulbs and wore my blue shirt for Light It Up Blue—April 1 and 2—but it amazed me how many people, including doctors, who were unaware of it. Made me vow to get out there next year and try to get the town to show some support and get blue lights. I understand lots of parents wrote and tried to get the White House to light up the fountain if not the whole White House. It’s pretty impressive to see those big buildings like the Empire State Building lit up blue.

It is amazing to me, despite the incredible efforts of Autism Speaks™, and several other organizations in promoting Light It Up Blue, there still exists people, including those of the medical profession, that are unaware of National Autism Awareness Month and Light it Up Blue.

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