Parenting “Outside the Box”

A few weeks ago, I read about a resourceful mom, Debi, who teaches her autistic son social skills and conversation with the use of two very popular characters, Mario and Luigi!  Her son joined in making up funny questions for Mario and Luigi’s interview.  Click here to listen this imaginative interview hosted by Justin!

Being resourceful is one of the steps I teach in my Step Ahead of Autism™ workshops as it is such an important attribute to nurture when you’re raising an autistic child.  My son Joey had difficulty around transitioning to school in September after being in a summer program or camp.  Each fall there would be new children he would have to meet and new teachers instructing him.   I came up with the idea of having a “Back-to-School Party.”  In August I would obtain the list of children that would be in his class from the school secretary.  I would invite the teachers and the aides and we would play games that would help the children get to know each other.  I would provide activities such as decorating shoe boxes to hold their school papers in or calendars that would list everyone’s name with picture next to it that they could hang them in their own homes reminding them of their new friends.  The teachers had as much fun as the kids!

Share with us your resourceful ideas that made an improvement in your autistic child’s life.

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