Reaction to Dr. Andrew Wakefield and colleagues altering facts about patients

“Once I started focusing on how to make my child’s life better and stopped focusing on the cause, only then did both our lives improve,” was Susie Phillip’s reaction to the news about the vaccine link to autism being fraudulent. Susie is mother of an autistic son, Matthew, and her words really touched home with me.

Here it is parents – right here in black and white- one of the most important lessons I teach in my teleseminars and preach in my upcoming book, “Step Ahead of Autism -Nine Inspired Steps to a Positive Outcome” It is time to leave the, “Why does autism occur” to the researchers and move forward.

The number of children who did not receive vaccines based on Andrew Wakefield’s so-called initial findings, is tragic no question. But equally if not more tragic to me is the energy wasted on the anger, blame, guilt, and confusion, parents of autistic children felt since the study was first published.

Let’s not expend anymore energy on this issue or the causes of autism. Instead, let’s focus on how our children can realize their best potential!

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