Children still need to be children so grow up and be a parent

Today, on the way to school, my fourteen-year-old son stated his concerns about the world ending in 2012. He worried about the signs that had been discussed in the news…first the earthquakes would come …then the sea would turn black…

Hmm…when I was fourteen I worried about what to wear to the next football game and Friday night sleepovers at my best friend’s house.

My son is of the minority of his friends in that he doesn’t own a cell phone. This past Christmas he received his first iPod and was one of his last friends to have a Facebook account…and yet he has been immediately thrust into a constant feed of world news, barely digestible by most adults.

Are 10 -15 year olds mature enough—socially, emotionally developed enough—to handle the multitude of news they receive through technology today?

Researchers have been spent millions of dollars studying the effects of video games on children’s brain function and hand-eye coordination—but what about the effects of uncensored global news that is now instantly available to them?

Parents’ roles have broadened. Aside from making sure lunch boxes are packed with healthy wholesome foods and homework is complete, we have to “re” focus on the simplicities of being a child. We have to teach our children not to focus on “keeping up with the kids next door” but rather show them what is truly important. We have to remember-regardless of what media is feeding us-children need to be children and there are no benefits in rushing a child.

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